GET Journal of Biosecurity and One Health

GET Journal of Biosecurity and One Health (2023)

Gamma Generalized Extended Inverse Exponential Distribution: A Novel Distribution in Modeling COVID-19 Cases in Nigerian Africa: A Personal Perspective

Authors: Ogunde AA1*; Chukwu AU2; Oseghale OI3 and Nwanyibuife OB4
Department of Statistics, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Joseph Babalola University,
Arakeji, Osun State, Nigeria.

Department of Statistics, the Federal University of Technology Owerri, Imo
State, Nigeria.

ID: 0000000187088612

GET Journal of Biosecurity and One Health, Volume 2, Issue 1, May 2023, Pages 47-56.

Article Keywords: COVID19; Characteristics Function; Mean Residual Function;
Case Fatality;
Gamma Inverse Exponential Distribution.


Journal Volume & Issue

Volume 2, Issue 1


In this study, we developed a novel distribution called Gamma Inverse Exponential (GIE) distribution, which has proved to be a more flexible distribution in modeling COVID-19 case fatality in Nigeria. We studied some statistical properties of the new distribution, which include: moments,
incomplete moments, quantile function, Renyi entropy, and mean deviation. A real-life data application to a number of reported cases of COVID-19 infection between March 2019 to 2021 shows that the GIE distribution has a better fit than some competing distributions in fitting the data. Time series analysis of the COVID-19 data is also considered.