General Comments

Here the reviewer is expected to address the following items: relevance of subject, concordance of
the title and content, novelty of data presented and/or methodology, clarity of language and adequacy
of keywords.

Reviewer's Decision


Accept after minor corrections

Accept after major corrections

Not Acceptable


A final review will be done after the author(s) have effected the initial corrections made by the reviewers

Comments For the Editor

Should address the various sections and aspects of the manuscript in details to provide the Editor with sufficient rationale for reviewer’s decision.  It is expected that the following areas are addressed as: sufficiency of abstract information especially when read in isolation; statement of objectives, appropriateness and reproducibility of methodology, statistical tools, quality of illustrations used in presenting the results, consistency of data, results, discussion and conclusion, and relevance, currency and proper listing of literature cited.

Comments for the Author(s)

Comments and queries to address the various aspects of the manuscript in details as to provide the author (s) with an objective appreciation of the quality of the manuscript and necessary suggestions and information useful for appropriate revisions.