GET Journal of Biosecurity and One Health

GET Journal of Biosecurity and One Health (2023)

Biosecurity in Nigeria: Emergence of the National Biosecurity Policy and Action Plan 2022-2026

Authors: Onwude J1, Nwosu O1*, Ebegba R1
National Biosafety Management Agency, Nigeria.

Corresponding Author:
Onyeka Nwosu
Phone No:
ID: 0000000311976810

GET Journal of Biosecurity and One Health, Volume 2, Issue 1, May 2023, Pages 34-40

Article Keywords: Biosecurity; Biothreats; Nigeria; Policy.


Journal Volume & Issue

Volume 2, Issue 1


Nigeria has experienced its own share of biosecurity challenges, as evident in its exposure to some disease epidemics and pandemics. Significant outbreaks of diseases may cause devastation to humans and animals, as well as have severe economic, environmental and social impacts. Considering the multisectoral nature of biosecurity and the need to explore a coordinated approach to biosecurity, the National Biosecurity Policy and Action Plan 20222026 was developed with the aim of fostering the integration and harmonization of biosecurity strategies that will be implemented through the Onehealth approach for the prevention, early detection, rapid response to biothreats and recovery from biosecurity incidents. The policy document highlights Nigeria’s biosecurity priorities, Institutional Governance and Stakeholders’ Commitment, strategies and action plans, as well as a monitoring and evaluation framework to ensure a strong national biosecurity system. Ensuring biosecurity is a critical sector of a nation’s sovereignty towards ensuring the safety of lives of its citizens and the environment and improving the socio economic development of the country.